Dak Nong

Dak Nong is a land of traditional culture blended with unspoiled nature. Dak Nong is a province of the Central Highlands, bordering Dak Lak to the north, Lam Dong to the east and southeast, Binh Phuoc province to the southwest, and Cambodia to the west. Dak Nong is located on the M'Nong'Nong plateau with an average elevation of 600 - 700m above sea level. The terrain features are not too high and relatively flat compared to other Central Highlands provinces, which gives this province many distributed lakes evenly. These become beautiful natural landscapes, and at the same time creating favorable conditions. for exploiting water sources for agricultural and forestry production. Coming to Dak Nong, we cannot ignore the crystal-clear lakes in this highland region such as Ea Sno, West, and Ta Dung lakes. Along with the lake area are beautiful waterfalls in the wild, such as Dray Sap - Gia Long - Trinh Nu waterfall, Dac Glun waterfall. Yok Don National Park, one of the most extensive special-use forests in Vietnam, has a part in Dak Nong, which is also a tourist attraction. For those who love exploring, the Chu Bluk volcanic cave area is a not-to-be-missed place. This cave is the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia with completely pristine scenery; this cave is a challenging journey when you have to go through the dense forests and explore many branches inside the cave. Dac Nong has a diverse traditional culture of the Central Highlands ethnic groups, especially the M'Nong ethnic group, which accounts for the majority in the province, behind only Vietnamese. Unique oral epics, ancient customs, stilt houses, communal houses, graves, along with unique festivals are specialties of the Central Highlands in general and Dak Nong in particular. A unique feature of Dak Nong tourism is the blend of cultural space with unspoiled scenery. That is felt in the Nam Nung cultural and historical eco-tourism area, about 45km from Gia Nghia town. The pristine nature and vibrant cultural identity bring a wide variety of products such as wine, lam rice, bitter eggplant, sour bamboo shoots, Seray Serpent, Tuy Tuy sweet potatoes. , Dac Mil wax avocado.


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