Dak Lak

Located in the west and at the end of the Truong Son mountain range, Dak Lak is the central province of the Central Highlands region. Dak Lak is the province with the largest forest resources in Vietnam and possesses many valuable timber trees such as yew tree (only available in Dak Lak's forest), rosewood, yellow ladle, menghundor, etc. People in Dak Lak have used to have unique forestry practices, such as the use of elephants to harvest and transport timber. People in Buon Don (or Ban Don) are famous for their tradition of hunting and taming wild elephants, and Buon Don has become a tourist destination that should not ignore when coming to the Central Highlands. Yok Don National Park in Dak Lak is the largest national park in the country, preserving Asian elephants and dipterocarp forest ecosystems. Being a large plateau, the soil and climate of this province are suitable for growing industrial crops, most of which is coffee. The capital of Dak Lak is Buon Ma Thuot which is considered the capital of Vietnam coffee with many famous coffee brands at home and abroad such as Ban Me coffee, Trung Nguyen coffee, etc. Not only famous for growing coffee, but DakLak is also famous for coffee drinking culture, because coffee shops here often do not use ready-made coffee, but roasts itself according to its own secret. Special flavors, one of which is the famous mink coffee. Dak Lak tourism has advantages thanks to famous landmarks and landscapes such as Buon Don, Buon Ma Thuot, Lak lake, Ea sou lake, Krong Ana waterfall, Dray Nur waterfall, national gardens and also many festivals held every year such as Elephant Racing Festival, Gong Festival, Coffee Festival. Dak Lak has 44 ethnic groups, so the cuisine here is very diverse, covering all 3 regions, but the most famous dishes are associated with the lands and historical figures such as Ban Don Grilled Chicken or Can wine.


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